Certified Google Analytics Consultant – Ben Luong

Why Google Analytics?

By embracing Google Analytics 4 you unlock AI-powered insights for your business. If you're not leveraging GA4's advanced capabilities, you're not just behind – you're about to be lapped in this LLM powered world. Feed the machine, sit back and count your money.

Not Your Average Ga4 Consultant

Hello, I am Ben and I am an expert freelance Google analytics consultant for hire, based in Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. I am originally from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, where I still have a base. I specialise in GA4 but can work with any analytics platform. As long as its well documented, I can configure anything you want. I can also do SEO, PPC and any performance marketing. As long as you have a trackable event, I can help you.

I've been in online marketing for about 20 years. I started off email marketing, then moved it to search marketing. I spent the last decade or so being a casino affiliate and working in the lead generation industry via a marketing agency and a SAAS business.

I blog about personal finance from the perspective of a Brit in Ireland. Not only do I hope this helps someone out but I can also see how Google ranks certain content. A lot of SEOers don't actually run their own sites. I still run some active igaming sites to make money and also to keep my skills and expertise up to date.

Technical Expertise

In a world where many consultants may seem like NPCs, I distinguish myself. As a Technical Google Analytics Specialist with a Computer Science background, I bring a distinct blend of technical, marketing, and business acumen to the table.

My expertise bridges the gap between marketing and development teams, allowing me to seamlessly navigate the intricacies of web development and digital analytics. Whether it’s crafting custom JavaScript for advanced GA4 features or integrating 3rd party systems like call tracking through API documentation, I have the skills to drive your analytics to the next level.

Great Value

Transparency is a cornerstone of my business ethos, reflected vividly in my pricing page. I've designed it with you, the customer, at the forefront. My goal is not to maximise profit at your expense, but rather to create a fair, value-driven pricing structure that fits your needs.

As an independent freelancer, I have the unique advantage of offering competitive prices and superior service compared to any agency. I personally handle every aspect of the work, ensuring quality and consistency. You'll always know exactly who you're working with – no middlemen, no surprises. The only exception would be if I explicitly communicate the need for additional assistance ahead of time.

What can I do for you?

If you are looking for someone to provide expert insights into your website using Google Analytics (GA), you are in the right place. Many organisations have GA installed and have very little idea on how to use it. I have known companies literally spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on paid traffic and have not bothered tracking it.

Have a look around and get in touch if you think I can help. You can read more about me in the about section, or SEO, PPC, Web Design, page speed, real time GA4/ Big Query dashboards and of course, Analytics.

Custom installs

I can install GA4 for you. All I need is a list of KPIs you want to track. I will set these up and create the reports for you.

Cookie Banners

Many cookie banners are misconfigured. I can configure your cookie banner to only drop analytics cookies with the right permissions.

Bespoke Training

£80 an hour for pay as you go training to get you set up with GA4. Read More about my bespoke training


£80 for up to 1-hour consultation to fix your GA4 problem. If it's a quick fix (less than 15 minutes), I'll do it for free as part of my intro call.

Ecommerce Set up

I can set up woo commerce, Shopify or any other ecommerce platform. This is easier with developer support but I can do partial set ups with no developer intervention.

Weekly/ Monthly reporting

Too busy to read your analytics?  I can set up dashboard and interpret the results for you and suggest actions.  Packages from £500 per month.  

Schedule a free initial chat

Analytics goals

If you have accepted cookies, the goals/ conversion events on this site are generate_lead (lead_type of form fill, cal booking and start chat). If you didn't accept cookies then I can't track you. Something to consider when tracking on your website.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

In the world of digital analytics, many claim expertise but offer only limited vision. Remember the adage: ‘In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.' Don't risk your business's potential on an implementation that is less than thorough. As a seasoned Google Analytics consultant, I fix a lot of other peoples' mistakes.

My Philosophy

eric schmidt tweet

Its all about goals that are linked to revenue or as Run-DMC said, “Money is the key to end all your woes“.

Fast websites

Is your website running slow? I can speed up your site. I also do web design from templates, so you can get a good looking site for the fraction of the price of a web designer.

Perfect PSI Scores even on Mobile

Google uses a mobile first index and so mobile page speed is important. In today's competitive environment every little advantage counts. Getting a perfect 100 score will not boost your ranking or even mean you pass core web vitals but if will help the overall user experience.

I can speed up most WordPress sites. You may need to change webhosts as the key to a fast website is a fast webserver. I run on a Ryzen 9 7900x, one of the fastest processors on earth. Along with a Litespeed webserver, Litespeed cache, it can really speed up your website. Check out my live Page Speed Insights.

Add in QUIC cloud CDN specifically for WordPress and your site will be fast no matter where you customers are located.


Can you audit my Google Analytics?

Yes, I can actually audit your analytics without having access to your account. I just need your website and what you expect to happen. I can do this in a live 1 hour session for £75.

Do you do SEO?

Yes, I do SEO but mainly one off audits. I can do longer term assignments which start at £500/pm + link and content costs.

Can you fix my e-commerce tracking?

Yes. The difficulty depends on your shopping cart but woo-commerce and Shopify are pretty straightforward.

Can you provide monthly insights?

Yes, I can but my preference is to set up Looker reports that auto update.

Google Analytics Consultant Testimonials: What My Clients Are Saying


5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Ben came to our office to deliver GA4 and GTM training to the team, and it was a great experience. We were delighted he was able to accommodate coming to see us in person, and that he tailored the session to suit multiple members of our team. We are looking forward to putting what we learned into practice!
Lyndsey Hall

Thank you!

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Ben was very easy to work with and brought fresh eyes to the problem we were facing. We were able to determine a solution very quickly for our GA4 issue! Thank you!
Razi Shafiq

Highly recommend

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Ben was really great and solved my issue pretty quickly, I will be contacting him again for future consultations. Highly recommend 👍🏻
Deepak Mohan