This is the website of Ben Luong.  I am an internet marketer based in Sheffield and Cork.

I finally decided to put something on my domain.  Its going to be a blog where I post stuff I find interesting and guides to stuff I’ve had to do which might help others.

I’ve been involved in internet marketing for over 11 years.  I started in 2004, doing email marketing. From that, I moved on to search marketing.  Since 2009, I have run my own affiliate marketing company, Copperchunk Ltd.  Then in 2011, I founded Mediabowl Ltd with some former colleagues and in 2015, we made a spin off technology company, Databowl Ltd.

My main speciality is SEO and affiliate marketing in the igaming sector.  I have an in depth knowledge of sports betting and casino.  This allows me to carry on ranking in such a competitive sector.

Outside of work and when I am not watching youtube, I like to keep active by cycling and running.  In 2013 I completed the York Marathon and continue to run the odd organised race.  I am also in to eating out and used to run a popular eating challenges website.

I also travel a lot despite the fact I think its overrated.  If you really did want to see a place or learn about its culture, you’d be better off just looking on street view and reading Wikipedia.  Saying that, it can be a laugh so I’ll try share some of my experiences and make it easier to plan trips abroad.

I currently reside in Sheffield, UK but will be moving to Cork, Ireland early in 2016 to be with fiancée.

Please check out my blog for some of my rambling and get in touch about anything you want.