Hello, I am Ben and I am an expert freelance Google analytics consultant, based in Limerick in the Republic of Ireland. I am originally from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, where I still have a base. I specialise in GA4 as well as Universal Analytics. I can also do SEO, PPC and any performance marketing. As long as you have a trackable event, I can help you.

I’ve been in online marketing for about 18 years. I started off email marketing, then moved it to search marketing. I spent the last decade or so being a casino affiliate and working in the lead generation industry via a marketing agency and a SASS business.

I blog about personal finance from the perspective of a Brit in Ireland. Not only do I hope this helps someone out but I can also see how Google ranks certain content. A lot of SEOers don’t actually run their own sites. I still run some active igaming sites to make money and also to keep my skills and expertise up to date.

What can I do for you?

If you are looking for someone to provide expert insights into your website using Google Analytics (GA), you are in the right place. Many organisations have GA installed and have very little idea on how to use it. I have known companies literally spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on paid traffic and have not bothered tracking it.

Have a look around and get in touch if you think I can help. You can read more about me in the about section, or SEO, PPC, Web Design and of course, Analytics.

Custom installs

I can install GA4 for you. All I need is a list of KPIs you want to track. I will set these up and create the reports for you.

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Bespoke Training

£250 for a half-day training course to get you set up with GA4. Read More


£50 for up to 1-hour consultation to fix your GA4 problem. If it’s a quick fix (less than 10 minutes), I’ll do it for free and you can make an appropriate donation to a charity of your choice.

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Analytics goals

If you have accepted cookies, the goals/ conversion events on this site are generate_lead (lead_type of form fill and start chat). If you didn’t accept cookies then I can’t track you. Something to consider when tracking on your website.

Time until Universal Analytics stops processing hit data


My Philosophy


Free SEO Audit

I am testing out a new SEO audit tool. If you want me to run off a free audit, visit my SEO page.