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Chat GPT

You have probably heard ChatGPT by now and are impressed.  However, you have probably only used GPT3.5 or GPT4 via Bing.  I recommend you try GPT4 out.  Its well worth the $20 plus VAT a month for it.  Its like having a second brain.  GPT4 is very slow compared to the GPT3.5 Turbo model and expensive. 


[mwai_chatbot_v2 text_compliance=”This is GPT 3.5 Turbo” window=”false” copy_button=”false” context=”Converse as if you were an AI assistant. Be friendly, creative.”]


[mwai_chatbot_v2 text_compliance=”This is GPT4″ window=”false” context=”Converse as if you were an AI assistant. Be friendly, creative.” model=”gpt-4″]

The context for both these bots are general AI bots. Converse as if you were an AI assistant. Be friendly, creative.

**********Conversations are logged but anonymously*************

You can sign up for a free account at or   for GPT 3.5.  GPT4 is available via the new Bing or various apps that have access to the API or chatgpt plus.  

chatgpt costs

Relative cost of each model.  The turbo model, you can use all day and not be bothered but GPT4 could quickly add up.  For heavy users, the $20+ VAT a month is a bargain. Occasional users might be best off with the free version and use the API occasionally.   

Why is this page here?

I got access to the GPT4 api and haven't worked out a good way to use it so I thought a chatbot demo would be a nice way to use it and spread the word about GPT4.  

I also use ChatGPT plus daily.  It can code really, really, well and allows me to solve GTM and Analytics problems that would take me hours, in minutes.  

Chat on your site?

Its easy enough to put a simple chatbot on your site.  However, its possible to build a database of your site and allow Chatgpt to answer questions based on the content.  

If there is interest, I can look at building a database to do it.  Its apparently some vector database you need such as Pinecone.