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All companies that handle external data have to register with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). This costs £35 a year for most organisations. For large organisations its £500 but most people won't need to worry about that.

The costs and registration process are pretty reasonable and straightforward. The problem comes when to get a VAT receipt or invoice for the payment. The best way to pay is by direct debit so you never forget. However, you don't seem to get an invoice or receipt for payment. I contacted them and this is what they said.

As registration is a statutory requirement and there is no VAT included in the cost we are not able to produce invoices.

We hope this clarifies the situation for you but if you wish to discuss this further please contact the Registration helpline on 0303 123 1113.

So they don't issue them. Hope that saves someone some time when looking for the receipt.


This is a legacy post from the old blog.  I restored this as it still got a bit of traffic and does help some people looking for invoices from the ICO.

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  1. Amount required

    Under the Regulations, you must pay an annual fee of £40, £60 or £2900 depending on the size or turnover of your organisation. VAT is nil in all cases.

    They updated the email so it says no VAT. About time.

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