Pmax, Google Ads and Consent mode v2

There has been a lot of chatter recently about the Digital Marketing Act and Google. You can read their update here

The most significant change that needs your attention this year is the upgrade to Google Ads’ Consent Mode V2 (CoMo V2). This change is not just an update; it's a pivotal shift in how online tracking and measurement will function in light of the EUs Digital Markets Act.

Understanding the Urgency: Why Upgrade to CoMo V2?

Tracking and Measurement: The Backbone of Online Marketing

Online advertising thrives on data. It's the cornerstone that helps businesses understand customer behavior, refine strategies, and achieve better performance. However, with Google Ads’ recent modifications, there's a risk of losing access to critical data and features. This makes the transition to Consent Mode V2 not just important, but essential.

The Implications of Not Upgrading

Failing to upgrade to CoMo V2 could lead to significant setbacks. If you rely on features like Remarketing, Customer Match, GA4 Audience Lists, and Lookalike Audiences, not upgrading could mean losing these powerful tools. And in a data-driven marketing world, less data often translates to worse performance.

Is Pmax Campaigns Affected too?

This update does generally affect almost all audience and targeting solutions – so yes, also PMAX. No matter how automated a campaign such as PMAX might be, the data the algorithm uses still is based on whatever data is collected – and that’s where all current changes come into play here.

The Deadline: A Time-Sensitive Upgrade

The clock is ticking. Implementing CoMo V2 is something that needs to be done promptly, with a deadline set for March. Delaying this could mean falling behind in the competitive digital advertising space. In 2024, ads is all about AI data, if you feed the machine, it can't work for you.

How to Make the Shift to CoMo V2

Wondering how to upgrade? Although it might seem daunting, the process can be streamlined with the right resources. You need to sign up to consent management platform (CMP). My platform of choice is Cookiebot but any certified CMP should be OK and even ones that aren't certified. You can also implement your own but I would not recommend that. Most CMPs are cheap enough.

Why This is the Most Important Change in Your 2024 Strategy

The upgrade to CoMo V2 isn't just another item on your to-do list; it's likely the most critical change to your Google Ads strategy this year. With privacy regulations tightening and consumer data becoming more precious, adapting to these changes is vital. By embracing CoMo V2, you're not just complying with the latest standards but also positioning your campaigns for better performance and trustworthiness.

The Bottom Line

In an era where data is paramount to AI algorithms, and digital marketing is increasingly competitive, staying updated with the latest changes is key to success. By implementing Google Ads’ Consent Mode V2 is a step you must do even if you don't use remarketing.

Get in touch if you need help with installing a CMP.

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