Lead Generation

I started my career working at a lead generation company back in 2003. DMRI is still around today after changing ownership a few times. My job was to send emails out to opt-in lists amongst other things.

More recently I was a co-founder at Data Bowl and exited in March 2020. I still have extensive knowledge of the software and the B2C lead generation industry.

If you need consumer leads on a CPL basis and/ or a system to manage your leads, I can guide you through the process with Databowl or any other lead management platform.

I can set up

  • Lead forwarding via API, FTP, sFTP or any method where you have the documentation
  • Forwarding to Google sheets, SalesForce, Monday, HubSpot or any CRM.
  • Posting into systems via WordPress forms
  • Email responders
  • SMS responders
  • Ping Trees
  • Any tracking needed, especially any integration with Tag Manager/ GA4.

Just get in touch if you need any help.

Why Databowl?

Databowl is a sophisticated lead management platform, known for its real-time lead validation, distribution, and reporting. Databowl enables businesses to automate processes, optimize campaigns, and improve ROI.

My Expertise in Databowl

I helped test many of the features in Databowl. Whether you're new to Databowl or looking to refine your existing setup, I can tailor a strategy to meet your specific business needs. My services include:

  • Databowl Setup and Customization: I can help you set up and customize your Databowl platform to align with your business processes and objectives.
  • Campaign Optimization: Through data analysis and performance tracking, I can optimize your campaigns for better lead quality, increased conversions, and improved ROI.
  • Training and Support: I offer personalized training and support to help your team understand and effectively use Databowl. This is to complement the support given by the Databowl team. I can set up complex integrations that are out of the scope of regular support.