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WordPress website loading slow?

Transform your slow WordPress site into a lightning-fast experience! You have found a WordPress speed consultant with a fast website. I have a perfect 100 page speed insights score on mobile and desktop.

Is your WordPress site taking too long to load, causing visitors to bounce and hurting your search engine rankings? Don't worry, I can help speed up WordPress.

Google uses speed as part of its algorithm to rank pages. Its considered more of a tie-breaker factor rather than something essential but if you work in a competitive niche, then you need every advantage you can get.

Making sure your website is fast, is an easy win. It's a hell of a lot easier than building backlinks!

Google uses a mobile first index, so you need to make sure you use the mobile version of your website when looking at speeds. Many sites have 90s on the desktop but low mobile scores.

mobile speed stats

The Performance Optimisation Process

  1. Website Audit. I'll analyse your website's performance and identify the critical factors slowing it down. You'll receive a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations.
  2. Clone your website. In order to work on it safely. I will need access to your site and will install a plugin that will allow me to copy your site on to my server.
  3. Speed Optimization I'll optimize your WordPress site to load faster, focusing on areas such as image compression, caching, minification, and content delivery network (CDN) setup.
  4. Custom WordPress Development. If your site requires more advanced optimization, I can develop custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, from optimizing plugins to creating custom-coded functionality.
  5. Ongoing Support and Maintenance. Your site's performance is my top priority. I offer ongoing support to keep your WordPress site running at its peak, ensuring it remains lightning-fast and up to date with the latest best practices. (charged at my standard rates)

See the speed for yourself – check out this lightning-fast website

I use my expertise on my own website to get perfect scores.

Desktop and mobile perfect scores.

Only £250

Some people will charge you more than £250 for an audit and generic recommendations. I will speed up your website and give you the setting to let your web developer implement.

You can even just clone the site back to your live site and it will work.

Speed optimisation can break a website, so you need to be incredibly careful. I will let you test the cloned site for as long as you want before implementing anything from there.

Ready to give your WordPress site a speed boost?

Don't let a slow-loading website hold you back. Get in touch today to discuss your needs and let me help you turbocharge your WordPress site's performance. Fill out the contact form opposite, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.



It is possible to speed up your website yourself.

Few people do their own research and just regurgitate what's the internet already. Affiliate commissions have polluted this area of the internet so most of the information is wrong.

For a regular brochure type site, the correct use of caching is all you need. Litespeed is the best one but you need the Litespeed server.

Even speed experts don't know the best way to speed up a WordPress site. You can tell this from their own sites being sub optimal. Sometime they recommend slow hosts that offer high affiliate commissions.

If you have time, read the WordPress research on Webwhim. Pretty much everyone else is swayed by affiliate commission so are biased.

Key Ingredients for a Fast website

  • Fast Server. Forget the numbers of cores and ram. What is the actual hardware your site runs on? Aim for a Ryzen 7900x or better.
  • Lightspeed Enterprise. Forget Nginx or Apache. You may be able to get faster speeds by tuning up your website but to the easy way is to use the correct server software.
  • Litespeed Cache. WPRocket or any other cache cannot compete with Litespeed as its so tightly integrated with the web server. Litespeed is the best by miles. Paired with Quic CDN, you will get the fastest speeds possible.
  • Correct theme and plugins . Some themes are bad but if the other 3 things above are right, its easy enough to fix. Sometimes I will need to disable or swap plugins and resize images.