SEO Training

SEO has matured and there's not really much new. It's quite easy to learn. It's one of those, it's easier said than done a lot of the time. Just like losing weight is just eating less, exercise more, SEO is, write good content and get links. I can provide SEO training but in 2021 and beyond, it's probably easier, cheaper and faster to teach it yourself using online resources.

I first learned SEO over a decade ago from various forums and blog articles. I was an active member in Aaron Wall's SEOBook forum for a few years. His original PDF SEO Book is still available. Out of respect, I won't link to it directly in case he doesn't know it's still out there but if you search 53 filetype:pdf

you can see the link on his site. SEO Book 53 was the last one he did before switching to the forum format.

If I was learning today I'd start with SEMRush's guide . With WordPress and a good SEO plugin like Yoast or All in one SEO, most of the technical stuff is taken care of. You can use Google's sitekit to connect Search Console, Universal Analytics and Tag Manager to your site. All very useful tools. You need to the tag for GA4 into your tag manager container but it's easy enough.

After that, make sure you read the Page Quality Rating Guidelines. The latest version is dated October 14th 2020. You can download it from Google here | mirror. Makes sure you understand terms like EAT and YMYL.

To keep up to date with the latest SEO, I'd recommend just subscribing to Google search central's Youtube channel. That'll all you really need. There's a lot of noise and just rehashing of old information in the SEO world. It's understandable as there's not much new, so best off just sticking to the official source of information.

If after you have done all that and still want some SEO training, get in touch and I can put together a custom course for you.

This is a another good introduction too.