SEO, search engine optimisation, is the process of getting your site to rank better in search engines with the hope of getting free traffic that converts. I do a bit of freelance SEO too.  I have over 15 years of experience and would consider myself an SEO expert.  Coming from an affiliate background, everything is based on generating revenue.  As Eric Schmidt says “revenue solves all known problems

It’s not as easy as it once was. A lot of people will not be able to compete. There are so many different places to click in the SERPs nowadays, even being number 1 is not as lucrative as it once was. Search is also a zero-sum game. Only one site can be number 1, so no matter how good you are, you might not be able to rank.

Buying ads would be a much better use of time and money. That’s not to say you can’t do both but stand-alone SEO in 2021 is risky. I say that as someone who lived off SEO for over a decade as an affiliate. A lot of SEOs don’t do anything apart from take your money.

The SEO process is

1) Define keywords you want to rank for
2) Check the volume is there for them
3) Set up tracking and a baseline to measure the SEO campaign against.
4) Produce the relevant content
5) Promote content, (usually combined with link building)
6) Go back to step one and try other keywords.

All this can take a long time and in some cases be impossible. What you got to ask yourself for your keyword is, if you were objectively going to put 5 pages in front of a user for a search, would your company/ site deserve to be in that top 5? If the answer is “no”, then no amount of SEO going to help you. If the answer is yes, get in touch and I should be able to help.

I am based in Limerick Ireland but work remotely.

Why hire a freelancer instead of an Agency?

There are many marketing agencies that specialise in SEO.  Some are no doubt great, some not so great.  It can be pot luck whether or not you get a good one.  They generally have sales and admin staff so will have overheads that I do not have.

Also, a lot will depend on who actually works on your account.  You might get an experienced SEO who gets your business or a junior who just runs reports every month.

With me, you get a veteran who has been doing SEO since 2005 and has lived purely off affiliate earnings for a decade.  Not many professional SEOs can make that claim.

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