I can run a bespoke training course based on your analytics needs.  Most people don’t really need to learn the full features of GA4.  

There are many videos on youtube that give an overview of GA4 free. I would recommend Julius from Analytics Mania. He does fantastic videos and you can learn everything for free just by watching his videos. He does a paid course as well in case you need more structure.

Bespoke Training

Rather than going through what you can get on Youtube fairly easily, I offer a bespoke training service.

This is split over 2 days of around 1-2 hours a day. The aim rather than to teach GA4, I will just show you what you need to measure events on your site you care about.

All I need is your site and a list of events you want to track. I can also suggest events to track if you are totally new to analytics.

I will make a list of things I will teach you specifically to your needs. There really is no need to learn everything in GA4. For most people just recreating their reports in GA4 will suffice.


The cost of this training is £200 for up to 4 hours of training (2 days, 1-2 hours each). All this is done over Google meet.

What I need

  • A signed NDA, if you need one, so you can give me access to your Tag Manager and Analytics accounts. I have an NDA template you can use if you have not got one and require one.
  • A list of events you want me to track or run reports on.

I can do the rest. There is really no need to learn everything. I can just set up the reports for you.

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