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Shopify Consent Mode v2 with Native integration

Shopify, the popular e-commerce platform, has been a go-to choice for many businesses looking to establish an online presence. With the Digital Markets Act and accurate conversion tracking, Google Consent Mode has become essential for Google Ads retargeting. However, the integration of Google Consent Mode V2 with Shopify in some ways isn't as straightforward as installing cookiebot or cookiepro.

I was on a webinar and cookiebot were asked about the integration and lets say, the response wasn't ideal.

The Challenge
Shopify merchants have been seeking a standard solution from Shopify to activate Google Consent Mode V2, which is essential for proper privacy adherence and best available conversion tracking/attribution. The native Shopify Privacy & Compliance app does not currently support Google Consent Mode V2, meaning you have to try do it yourself using Google Tag Manager or use an app.

Forget 3rd Party CMPs

It might be possible but I have no idea how the native Shopify connector works. Its not like you can install GTM like on a regular site and stop the GA4 from dropping. The issue is that 3rd party CMPs are more expensive than third party solutions that run natively on Shopify. So there's no point in learning how to implement, say cookiebot or cookiepro as its going to be more complicated and cost more.

Third-Party Solutions
Pandectes, an app developer, supports Google Consent Mode V2, providing enhanced privacy compliance and ad personalization. However, the GCM (Google Consent Mode) v2 is part of the integrations of the Pandectes app and is only available on paid plans, although a 7-day free trial is offered.

You can use this with the native Shopify ga4 connection.

You do have to pay for the consent mode v2 but at $9 a month, its a lot cheaper than a dedicated cookie platform like Cookiebot or Cookie Pro.

It seems to do everything thats needed.

If you don't need consent mode v2 and just a banner than manages GA4, then you can do that on the free version.

You can install the app here

An alternative – Omega GDPR/CCPA Cookie Banner

I have not tried this one but it looks like it does the job too. Omega Cookie Banner

You need a cookie banner anyway

You need a cookie banner anyway, even if you don't use Google Ads. If you are using GA4 or any analytics that drop cookies, you need to get consent. Even if your site is not based in the EU, you still need to get consent from EU users. The two apps above will allow this in the free version. The paid versions are for consent mode v2.

Shopify's Response
Shopify has extended customer privacy options by injecting their native privacy app inside the store settings, but this does not cover all merchant needs, including Google Consent Mode V2. Shopify has not provided a clear timeline for when the Shopify Privacy & Compliance app will be updated to include Google Consent Mode V2.

Maybe at some point it will work, in the same way GA4 integration works but in the meantime, you need to do something if you rely on retargeting in ads. If you use Pmax you almost certainly will be using retargeting.

As of the latest information, Shopify has not provided a native integration for Google Consent Mode V2, leaving merchants to rely on third-party apps like Pandectes or Omega for this functionality. Its better than any third party CMP, so maybe a blessing.

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