Which is the most important of Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust?

EAT is an acronym for “Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness”. In the context of Google, it refers to the criteria that it uses to evaluate the quality and relevance of a website's content.

Recently another E has been added to stand for Experience. So now its E-EAT. You can read all about it in the remote raters guidelines.

Google's Remote Raters are individuals who work for the company as independent contractors to evaluate the quality and relevance of content on the internet. The primary function of the remote raters is to assess the search results generated by Google's algorithms and provide feedback that can be used to improve the search engine's performance.

They are not employees of Google but are hired on a contract basis to provide their expertise and feedback on the search results. The role of remote raters is an important one as it helps Google ensure that its users are able to find the most relevant and useful information when they use the search engine.

So which one is most important?

I read this in a tweet and my first thought was, you've not read the search quality evaluator guidelines. It explicitly tells you which one is the most important.

from the search quality guidelines.

So there you have it. Trust is the most important of the EEAT factors. There is no debate. Its an old SEO joke about ‘it depends' but in this case, the answer is 100% trust.

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