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Sitemap Page Count

Some cookie scripts and consent management platforms determine the level of cookie compliance required based on the number of pages on a website. Websites with a larger number of pages may be charged more.

One quick way to estimate the number of pages on a website is by reading the sitemap file. A sitemap is an XML file that lists all the important pages of a website. By parsing the sitemap, you can get a count of the pages without having to crawl the entire site. This tool allows you to enter a website URL and retrieves the sitemap to provide you with a page count estimate.

While tools like Screaming Frog can perform a comprehensive crawl of a website to determine the exact number of pages, using the sitemap approach provides a faster alternative for a rough estimate.

To use this tool, simply enter the website URL in the form and it will retrieve the sitemap and display the estimated number of pages. You can also click the “Search Google for Indexed Pages” button to perform a site-specific search on Google to see the number of pages indexed by Google for comparison.