PPC Freelancing

I am available for freelance PPC projects. My speciality is Adwords but I can do any pay per click advertising. The process is the same.

1) Define clear goals and monetary values
2) Set up tracking on these goals
3) Buy traffic to test
4) Evaluate the traffic, kill off bad traffic and buy more the good traffic.
5) Go back to step 3.

The key is well-defined goals and monetary values. Once you know that, you can set up tracking and it's a matter of grinding out results. Not all campaigns will be successful and some industries will have a negative measurable ROI. Some people have budgets that include branding and large lifetime values, so competing against these people is impossible.

If you want to talk about how Adwords or pay per click can help your business, get in touch. I can work on several different pricing models including day rate, retainer and performance-based.

I am based in Limerick Ireland but work remotely.