Google Analytics

Discover the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making with my GA4 implementation services

In today's data-driven world, understanding your customers and their behavior is the key to unlocking your business's full potential. With Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you can gain valuable insights and drive growth like never before. But, to truly harness the power of GA4, you need the right implementation.

google analytics

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive GA4 Implementation: Get a customized GA4 setup tailored to your business needs, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Unlock powerful insights to improve user experience, boost conversions, and grow revenue.
  • Expert Consultation: Receive personalized guidance and support from me.
  • Seamless Integration: Ensure your GA4 implementation works seamlessly with your existing marketing and analytics tools. I can install GA4 along side your existing analytics.
  • Ongoing Support: Experience peace of mind with our ongoing support and maintenance services, keeping your GA4 running smoothly.

How it works

  1. Analysis and Planning: I will start by understanding your business objectives and analyzing your current analytics setup.
  2. Custom Implementation: I create a tailored GA4 implementation plan, including data layer configuration and event tracking.
  3. Quality Assurance: I meticulously tests the implementation to ensure data accuracy and reliability.
  4. Training and Support: I provide comprehensive training and resources to help your team make the most of GA4's powerful features.
  5. Ongoing Optimisation: Receive ongoing support and optimization services to keep your GA4 running smoothly and efficiently.

Other Analytics

I typically only recommend GA4 and perhaps Microsoft Clarity. I can however, provide consultancy on other analytics packages or solutions to track events on your website.

With cookie consent, advert blocking and other reasons why not all your visitors are tracked in GA4, I can provide solutions to track your traffic.

I come from an affiliate tracking and for years didn't really use Google Analytics. Its perfectly possible to track your website without it.

You just need to make sure whatever you spend on advertising is justifiable. You can do that by saying, spend £1000 on AdWords, get 20 leads from the contact form, generate £2000 profit. You can do that without Google Analytics. You just need the Adwords tracking which I can set up too.

I can install Meta pixels or any other tracking you need. I can do server to server tracking, as long as you have documentation, I can install.

Google Analytics 4 is the swiss army knife of analytics and is free but some people may benefit from a niche paid analytics package.


I can install the free self hosted version of Matomo so you can try it out before paying. Its a popular alternative to GA4. I personally don't like it but if you want it, I can install it for you to try out before taking a paid plan.

GA4 Implemention Costs 

My prices are very cheap for Google Analytics implementations.  Costs for installation vary from £100 up £1000 depending on complexity and what reports you want.  A simple install with a few events will cost £100 whereas a large number of events and custom reports will cost closer to the £1000.  It depends on the time it would take.

In some cases, I will need developer support but often, all I will need is GTM installed and I can do the rest.