I can run a bespoke training course based on your analytics needs.  Most people don’t really need to learn the full features of GA4.  A short one-on-one session with me is all you need. Even total beginners are confident in using GA4 after a session with me. I explain the basics in a way which is easy to understand and cut out a lot of the fluff.

There are many videos on youtube that give an overview of G4 free. I would recommend Julius from Analytics Mania. He does fantastic videos and you can learn everything for free just by watching his videos. He does a paid course as well in case you need more structure.

Bespoke Training

Rather than going through what you can get on Youtube fairly easily, I offer a bespoke training service.

This is split over 2 days of around 1-2 hours a day. The aim is rather than to teach GA4, I will just show you what you need to measure events on your site you care about.

All I need is your site and a list of events you want to track. I can also suggest events to track if you are totally new to analytics.

I will make a list of things I will teach you specifically to your needs. There really is no need to learn everything in GA4. For most people just recreating their reports in GA4 will suffice.

Semi-Bespoke Training

Due to client feedback, I have introduced a semi-bespoke training session. This is split over 2 days too. Day 1 is a standard explanation of GA4/ Tag Manager and walk through of the UI. I will guide you through a real life set up, either your own site or a dummy site.

The second session is a Q&A and any outstanding issues from the first session. This training is more for beginners who want an overview but don’t have the time to watch a lot of Youtube or read the documentation.


The cost of this training is £250 for up to 4 hours of training (2 days, 1-2 hours each). All this is done over Google meet. Other bespoke training providers will charge 4 figures for similar training. I made a business decision to target a lower price point. Its easier to sell 4 courses at £250 each than one at £1000. Some will charge 4 figures for off-the-shelf training so £250 for bespoke training is fantastic.

The session is split over two days to give you time to digest and put in to practice what you have learned. Its a much more efficient use of time than one big session. Also, as GA4 takes 24 hours to process the data, certain things won’t show up in the reports until 24 hours later so you wouldn’t be able to see everything in one session.

What I need

  • A list of events you want me to track or run reports on. If you have a favourite UA report, I can probably recreate that for you in GA4.

I can do the rest. There is really no need to learn everything. I can just set up the reports for you.

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    Online Training Courses of note

    If you have the time, online generic training is the best value for money. You can probably learn everything you need from just watching free videos on Youtube but if you want some structure, you could check out some of these courses. I’ve not personally done most of them but I have heard good things about them.

    Check them out and see if you want to learn Google Analytics or if you just want it to tell you how your website is doing. If it’s the latter, you probably are best off with a bespoke training session from me.

    You should find a course that suits your pricepoint in there. They should all end up giving you the same information in the end. You can’t really go wrong with the Analytics Mania or the Loves Data Courses though. They give so much value on Youtube, I sometimes feel I should sign up for a course myself to pay for them.

    Course Name Description PriceLink
    Google Analytics 4 from Skillshop Free training from Google and get a certificate Free click here
    Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Essential Training With Corey Koberg Duration: 1h 56m Skill level: Beginner Released: 6/17/2022 €30.49 click here
    Google Analytics 4 Course from Analytics Mania A course that focuses on getting value out of your Google Analytics 4 data from Julius. Pretty much everyone has heard of Julius as he provides so much information for free. $499 + Tax Click Here
    Various Udemy Courses Various experts presenting courses, some good value ones if you get them on sale or as a new user. Often they are reduced to €15 €15- €200 Click Here
    Become great at Google Analytics 4 Online course By Charles Farina, you can sign up for a 7 day trial for $1 or pay monthly, do the course and cancel. $1 - 7 day trial then €295.24+ tax monthly Click Here
    Loves Data GA4 Courses Benjamin has been working with Google Analytics for over 12 years. He's a very popular Youtuber and I've personally learned a lot from him. $225 Click Here
    Mastering Google Analytics 4 Bundle A series of course from an ex-Googler. $1499 Click Here