Universal Analytics Back Up Service

Effortless backup + insightful dashboards for UA data preservation.

Five Star Service

Google is sun Universal Analytics (UA) on July 1, 2023. All that historical data will be gone forever on July 1, 2024 if you don't act now to preserve it. But don't worry, I have got you covered with this simple and affordable UA backup solution!

£399 + VAT

Easy back up service with presets

  • A complete export of your UA data tables, including up to 10M rows of data (more than enough for most websites)
  • A fully customisable, interactive 20-page dashboard built in Google Looker Studio to visualise and analyse your data
  • Ownership of all the data and dashboards – they are saved to your Google account indefinitely
  • One time fee, zero/ minimal on going Big Query Costs

One Click Solution

It's often said that there's no one-click solution for Universal Analytics backups, and while that's technically accurate, our service comes remarkably close. I'll handle the backup of your common reports, allowing you to set it and forget it. Many opt for backups as a precautionary measure, and ironically, it can take more time to decide what to back up than to perform the backup itself. With our streamlined process, you won't have to worry about those details.

Enquire Now

  1. Submit your UA property info for a FREE automated estimate of your backup size and cost
  2. Customize your backup to align with your budget and data needs
  3. Run your backup and receive your data exports and Looker Studio dashboard

There are no monthly fees or subscriptions required. It's a one-time service for a one-time affordable fee to ensure you don't lose your valuable marketing data when UA shuts down.