Real Time GA4/ Big Query Dashboards

Real Time GA4

  • BigQuery Integration: Harness the full potential of your data, processing and analyzing with speed and granularity that's simply unmatched.
  • Real-Time Insights: Access live data and real-time reports to stay ahead of the game, making proactive decisions as the market evolves.
  • Zero Sampling: Benefit from 100% data accuracy, empowering you with the confidence to make decisions based on complete information.
  • Historic Data Preservation: Retain valuable insights from day one of your GA4 property or BigQuery integration.

No more red triangles, no more thresholding. Thresholding in GA4 can really mess with your insights. I've seen drops of 90% + when threshing is applied.

With Big Query Integration, there is no thresholding. You get 100% of your data.

Why Real Time?

Most business's don't need real time web analytics. If you can't make changes in real time, then there's not really much point in having real time data. The 24 hour delay of GA4 data is fine. However for some businesses, there are advantages.

1. Immediate Decision Making:

Unique Factor: The ability to make on-the-spot adjustments to marketing campaigns or website changes is something that cannot wait 24 hours. Real-time data enables swift pivots that can capitalize on opportunities or mitigate risks as they arise.

2. Real-Time Engagement:

Unique Factor: For live events, social media activity, or flash sales, the feedback loop needs to be almost instantaneous. Real-time analytics allows for instant engagement with audiences, a feature that loses its impact if delayed by a day.

3. Spot Trends and Patterns Quickly:

Unique Factor: Viral trends or sudden shifts in user behavior can happen within hours. Real-time data allows businesses to harness these trends while they're still relevant, something that next-day data could miss entirely as the moment may have passed.

4. Optimized Marketing Performance:

Unique Factor: During A/B tests or advertising campaigns, seeing which version is outperforming in real-time can make a significant difference. If you wait 24 hours, you may have missed the chance to maximize the impact of the better-performing option.

5. Fraud Detection and Prevention:

Unique Factor: Fraudulent activities require immediate action. Real-time alerts can trigger instant responses to prevent or limit fraudulent transactions. Waiting 24 hours could result in substantial financial losses and wider repercussions.


BigQuery offers a free tier that includes 10 GB of storage and 1 TB of queries per month. This is enough for most people to get started with real-time analytics. For small businesses, this means it essentially free.

If you need more storage or compute capacity, BigQuery offers a variety of paid plans. However, even the paid plans are very affordable, especially compared to other enterprise data warehouses.

Here is an example of how to calculate the cost of BigQuery for real-time analytics:

Storage: $0.02 per GB per month for active storage, $0.01 per GB per month for long-term storage.
Compute: $0.05 per TB of data processed.
Streaming inserts: $0.10 per TB of data inserted.

One time Set up Cost

There is a one off set up cost of £1000 which includes Big Query connection, standard dashboard and real time dashboard based on Big Query data. No sampling, no thresholding, no red triangles on your reports.

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