Services – Pricing

I provide a full range of online marketing services and training.  I can offer a set of service options to suit most budgets.  Here are the main ways I work. 

  • Price per package/ service – one off
  • Price per set package/ service – monthly
  • Price per hour
  • Set day rate

I am very flexible, the main thing for me is whether I can actually help you. I personally do all the work unless I specifically mention I will be outsourcing it.

ServiceNotesApproximate price
GA4 installDepends on complexity£100 - 1000
Ga4 install with ecommerceDepends on complexity and developer support£500+
GA4 Bespoke Training2 Hour training Session£150
Simple Wordpress SiteSimple Wordpress site with about, contact form and standard pages£250
Typical Wordpress SiteWordpress site with some customisation and specialist plugins£500
Ecommerce Wordpress siteSame as Typical Wordpress site but with woo commerce£800
Ad hoc online consultations hourlylive troubleshooting and consultations£80
Ad hoc hourly rateOdd jobs£50
Ad hoc day rateOdds jobs but by day£300
WebhostingAnnual price for small, average and e-commerce.from £10 a month for premium hosting
Page SpeedFix up WordPress site for page speed insights.£250
Slack/ On Demand GA4 HelpI join your company slack and answer your analytics questions. Also, SEO, PPC, Email, Lead Gen, tech support, etc£300 per day (8 hours, can be banked)

VAT is payable at 23%. If you are outside of Ireland, you can provide your tax ID for your business and no VAT is payable upfront but you may have to include on your VAT return.

If you are interested, please fill in the contact form or book an introductory meeting

Check out the table below to see a range of what other companies are charging for GA4 setup. You'll see that my prices are more affordable. Plus, I implement every project, so you're getting top-notch quality without the top-dollar price.  List from Databox

Table showing typical cost of Google Analytics 4 installation. 

NameCost of Service
Twenty-First DigitalThe costs range between $4,000 – $6,000 per website, depending on the specific tracking requests established in the initial meeting with the client.
ATAK InteractiveOur GA4 implementation packages start at $2,000. More advanced implementations (especially when data layers are required) would be additional and we can scope that out on a project-by-project basis.
Enterprise Sales InstitutePrice depends. We offer a whitelabel version of Databox starting at $500 per month for setup. However, large custom projects can be $10s of thousands.
10x DigitalOur cost varies dependent on the scope of work. For smaller sites, a sample range would be $1700-$2000.
Full Funnel GrowthThe cost of our GA4 migration service varies depending on the complexity of the project, but they typically start at $3,000. We can provide more information on the specific costs once we have more details on the project scope.
SenticThis service is a flat price of $2k.
SiteCareThe cost is $300-$450 per migration, depending on the amount of customization we need.
Forest Green DigitalWe work with clients to understand what their requirements are before providing a quote. In general our work migrating business to GA4 starts from A$1,500.
IMG Digital MarketingOur service fee for the Google Analytics 4 setup and migration service starts at $500.
NettrakettPrice depends on complexity and number of events to be tracked. The cost of this service starts at USD 750.
Heart for MarketingWe charge a fee of 100 euro per hour excluding VAT.
EmbryoStarting from £750 depending on the migration needs – contact for a bespoke quote.
Dunn&CoOur GA4 Installation service costs $1,750, while the GA4 training service costs $4,000.
GreenMellenThe price for basic level maintenance is $125/month. Adding content tweaks increases the cost to $350/month. Adding data analytics with quarterly meetings is $650/month.
Analytics That ProfitOur typical charge is $600 which includes 3 hours of setup and training time.
Volume NineSimple implementations cost $1,500 (one-time fee). We provide custom quotes for complex implementations. New retainer clients for SEO or social media receive GA4 Migration services for free.
Ecommerce & MorePricing starts at 499€, and is dependent on the website, shop etc.
DataQuanticsAll of this is available to you at a one-time price starting at $897.00.
Dallas AntwerpThe Basic GA4/ GTM set-up service costs €1100. If you have over 10 events to be added we charge +€550 per 25 events. Our Webshop Tracking service is priced at €2200.
LaunchrWe offer different services depending on your business size and GA setup. Our service fees start at €149 and go to €599+.
CREWWe offer different services depending on your business size and GA setup. Our service fees start at €149 and go to €599+.
Bonfire StudiosWe charge $150/hour for all services.
Steyla DigitalGA4 Migration: Starts at 150€ (Additional work at 85€/hour) GA4 Training:Basic training (2h): 500€ Advanced training (1.5h): 300€Dashboards: Starts at 150€ (Additional work at 85€/hour)
NectafyOur Website Technical SEO Audit costs $999, while the GA4 Setup service costs $300.
Twelve MonkeysOur GA4 service fee starts at $500 and can be supplemented with other services based on your needs.
Blue Hills DigitalOur basic Google Analytics 4 implementation packages start at $1,500. We will provide a project-based quote after an initial free consultation call.
UNINCORPORATEDPricing $1,800 Includes the full migration, setup, strategy, and agency consulting throughout the process.

Bespoke One-on-One GA4 Training

Master Google Analytics 4 My streamlined Google Analytics 4 training is 100% customized to your needs. Cut through the clutter and get straight to actionable insights for digital success. Only £150 for a 2 hour crash course I can run a bespoke training course based on your analytics needs.  Most people don't really need to...

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Real Time GA4/ Big Query Dashboards

Real Time GA4 BigQuery Integration: Harness the full potential of your data, processing and analyzing with speed and granularity that's simply unmatched. Real-Time Insights: Access live data and real-time reports to stay ahead of the game, making proactive decisions as the market evolves. Zero Sampling: Benefit from 100% data accuracy, empowering you with the confidence...

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WordPress Page Optimisation Speed Services

Lightening fast websites Faster websites means more conversions Wordpress website loading slow? Transform your slow WordPress site into a lightning-fast experience! You have found a WordPress speed consultant with a fast website. I have a perfect 100 page speed insights score on mobile and desktop. Is your WordPress site taking too long to load, causing...

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Agency Help

If you run an agency and need help with training in Google Analytics 4 or client implementations, get in touch. Training I can create a bespoke training course just for you. Not everyone needs to spend the time to learn Google Analytics. Sometimes you just need enough to be able to report back the KPIs...

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Lead Generation

I started my career working at a lead generation company back in 2003. DMRI is still around today after changing ownership a few times. My job was to send emails out to opt-in lists amongst other things. More recently I was a co-founder at Data Bowl and exited in March 2020. I still have extensive...

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SEO services Ireland

SEO, search engine optimisation, is the process of getting your site to rank better in search engines with the hope of getting free traffic that converts. I offer freelance SEO from my base in Limerick, Ireland.  I have over 18 years of experience and would consider myself an SEO expert.  Coming from an affiliate background,...

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Web Design Services

I deliver low cost web sites that delivers high-quality, fast and SEO friendly. Sites will typically have a 90+ page insights score and load within 2 seconds. I understand that having a website is crucial for any business, big or small. However, not everyone can afford expensive web design services. That's why I provide an...

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PPC Management

Unlock the Power of Your Ads with Expert Management Tired of throwing money at online ads without seeing the results you want? Want to try paid advertising but don't know where to start? It's time to turn your advertising into a revenue-generating machine. I specialise in Google Ads management, but my expertise extends to any...

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Google Analytics

Discover the Power of Data-Driven Decision Making with my GA4 implementation services In today's data-driven world, understanding your customers and their behavior is the key to unlocking your business's full potential. With Google Analytics 4 (GA4), you can gain valuable insights and drive growth like never before. But, to truly harness the power of GA4, you...

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Save with Google Shopping CSS: Product Hero, Pmax & GA4 Expertise

Save up to 20% on your Google Shopping Clicks Are you tired of watching your Google Shopping budget disappear with little to show for it? What if you could slash your costs by up to 20% without sacrificing results? Sounds too good to be true? It's not. The secret weapon? Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). These...

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