Save with Google Shopping CSS: Product Hero, Pmax & GA4 Expertise

Save up to 20% on your Google Shopping Clicks

Are you tired of watching your Google Shopping budget disappear with little to show for it? What if you could slash your costs by up to 20% without sacrificing results? Sounds too good to be true? It's not.

The secret weapon? Comparison Shopping Services (CSS). These platforms are your ticket to running Google Shopping ads with a nice discount. How? It's all thanks to an EU ruling designed to break Google's monopoly.

Here's the deal: Google was forced to open up its Shopping platform to competitors like Producthero. To level the playing field, these CSS partners get a discount on ad clicks, which they pass on to you. It's a win-win: you save money, and Google avoids hefty fines.

But saving 20% is just the beginning. Producthero goes beyond mere discounts, offering powerful tools to optimise your campaigns, boost your product visibility, and squeeze even more value out of every euro you spend.

Why Pmax?

Google's finest predictive AI meets its most advanced generative AI in Performance Max, creating campaigns that are simply unbeatable… unless you use a CSS on top.

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Whats the Catch?

The whole “trick” is that google is forced to give them a discount in order to avoid a fine from european union for being a monopoly

So they tolerate platforms like product hero. In fact they subsidise product hero by giving them a % off so google shopping is not a monopoly. reddit user quote.
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Using a CSS in europe is kind of a nobrainer. However the 20% cost savings, is something of the past. It was 20% when CSS was introduced, but it has shifted to a live system, where google can dynamically adjust their CPC margins and therefore also the CSS benefits. It can be anything from 5-20%. Google still has to commit to a minimum margin, so they can't go to 0%.

bubbleblub17 – reddit user

Benefits of Switching to Producthero CSS:

  • Save up to 20% on your Google Shopping ad spend
  • Keep your bids and ROAS targets the same, while increasing click volume
  • Or lower your bids to improve profitability while maintaining volume
  • No changes required to your existing Google Ads account or campaigns
  • Access to additional tools to optimize product titles, segmentation, and pricing

Why Producthero:

  • Trusted by advertisers spending over €1.5 billion via our CSS in 2023
  • 10,000+ advertisers active in 21 countries
  • 500+ agency partners
  • Dedicated support from our Google Ads experts


Before product hero


After product hero
How it works

It just says by Producthero rather than by Google.

It gets better. You can use their pro with a labeliser, it can increase your shopping performance.

– Less than 10% of products generate more than 80% of sales. With the right treatment, these products become ‘superheroes’ and generate even more sales.

VILLAIN – Around 50% of advertising costs go to products that don’t perform well. The advertiser literally loses money here and can save by giving them less budget.

SIDEKICK – Some products do quite well, but at low volume. With the right treatment, they will generate more sales.

ZOMBIE – More than 60% of the products are ‘sleeping’: they get almost no impressions and clicks. By activating them, they can generate revenue.

Producthero’s Segmentation tool analyzes the behaviour of the products on a daily basis and categorizes them into 4 personas:


  • More revenue is generated by better bringing out Heroes and Sidekicks and activating Zombies.
  • Costs are saved by reducing ad spending on Villains.


Producthero Premium CSS

€39 p/m
  • €19 p/m per extra shop/country
  • 20% discount on your shopping ads CPC in Google

Optimize Product Titles

Boost the relevance and visibility of your ads

AI Product Title Suggestions

Use AI for product title suggestions

Product Performance Insights

Discover your top and under performing products

Premium Support

Get support by phone & email from us. Benefit from our Google Premium partnership.

Self-Serve Knowledge Base

Access to our product tour and best-practices on setting up campaigns

Producthero PRO

€99 p/m
  • €49 p/m per extra shop/country
  • Producthero Premium CSS +

Bulk Edit Product Titles PRO

Optimize multiple products at the same time

Product Labelizer Strategy PRO

Automatically bundle products in groups based on performance with a label and connect it to Google Ads

Price Benchmark Data PRO

Use price competitiveness report data

Easy to Set up

The Game has changed

Google Ads (or AdWords for us old-timers) has done a 180! Forget granular targeting and endless ad groups. Now it's PMax, broad match, and data-driven optimisation. Lucky for you, I've kept pace with these changes and can help you navigate this new landscape.

To stay competitive, embracing Enhanced Conversions, Offline Conversion Tracking, and Consent Mode is essential. Additionally, leveraging a CSS for discounted clicks can make a significant impact.

I can help you stay up to date. With the backing of Product Hero, you gain access to invaluable tools and data that give you an edge in the auction. Product Hero's Price Benchmark Connector integrates seamlessly with your Google Merchant Center, providing actionable price benchmark data. This data helps you compare your prices with competitors, optimize your pricing strategy, and improve your Shopping Ads performance.

Using the Market Insights reports from your Merchant Center, Product Hero reduces the technical complexity, allowing you to focus on enhancing your competitiveness. You can create feeds of your price benchmark data, group items by competitiveness, and push products with strong current prices. This not only increases your clicks but also doubles your conversion rates for competitively priced products.

Its all feeds and data now. If you are doing things manually you are going to be behind.

Ben Luong

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