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Microsoft Clarity Unveils AI-Powered Insights and Co-Pilot: Revolutionising Session Recordings

Microsoft Clarity is the only other analytics package I recommend other than GA4.  GA4 is like a swiss army knife, does practically everything.  However, it doesn't do screen recordings which is where MS Clarity comes in.  

Microsoft Clarity is known for providing session recording and heatmaps to help webmasters and digital marketers understand user behavior on their websites. The new AI-powered feature promises to provide even deeper insights by automatically analysing session recordings and identifying potential areas for improvement.

Automatic insights can be a game changer in a number of ways:

1. Saves time and effort: Automatic insights can save a lot of time and effort for businesses and individuals as it eliminates the need for manual data analysis. This means that businesses can focus on other important tasks and decisions.

2. Provides real-time insights: Automatic insights can provide real-time insights, which can help businesses to make quick decisions based on the latest data.

3. Increases accuracy: Automatic insights can increase the accuracy of data analysis as it eliminates human error. This means that businesses can make more informed decisions based on accurate data.

4. Improves productivity: Automatic insights can improve productivity as it reduces the time and effort required for data analysis. This means that businesses can focus on other important tasks and increase their overall productivity.

The main one is the time saving.  Hotjar is good but gets boring watching recordings.  MS Clarity will watch them for you want tell you what happened.  Its built with GPT4 as thats what powers the new Bing.  Its going to pretty hard to beat… and this is free.  If I was Hotjar, I would give up.  

You can read the blog about it here

There's more

You can integrate MS Clarity with GA4 and get the session recording URL.  

Some landing pages are missing but you can easily view recordings from GA landing pages using the Clarity Playback URL custom dimension which Clarity adds when it link to GA4.  

And Even more 

If that wasn't enough, they are planning on releasing copilot for Clarity which allows 

Google Analytics Chat: Just like you can query for your website’s Clarity data, you can also query for your Google Analytics project data in natural language and get results back in simple and concise summaries. By integrating your Google Analytics data with Microsoft Clarity and get a holistic view of your website data. 

This feature is to come but you can sign up for early access. 

The End of Digital Analysts?

I once read that you should only spend 10% of your budget on tools and the other 90% on expert analysis.  I think those figures are wrong now.  GA4 already gives you automatic insights if you sign up and now with Clarity Co-pilot, you will be able to just ask it questions like, what would you do to improve my website performance?  And it will just tell you the answer by reading your analytics.  

This is both exciting and grim.  

Does Clarity Slow your site down?

No.  This site has 98 on mobile and 100 desktop.  Its runs MS Clarity, GA4 and other things, including Google Site Kit.  If you site is slow, its something else.  You need a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X server and Litespeed Enterprise.  Ms Clarity is not the thing slowing your site down. 

How do I install MS Clarity?

If you have Google Tag Manager, its like 20 clicks.  Go here sign in with Google, add via Tag Manager and it does it all for you.  Integrate with GA4 is another few clicks but its mostly automatic.  

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