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With all the talk of consent mode v2, the Digital Markets Act and how it affects, you may be looking for a one off software cost. They are very hard to find and I've not found one that is unlimited yet that supports consent mode v2.

Do you wonder why these seemingly simple tools aren't one-time purchases like other software? Why are they offered as subscriptions, like Cookiebot, CookieYes, and Usercentrics?

Firstly, let's dispel the myth: truly free cookie banners with Consent Management Platform (CMP) v2 compliance are rare, bordering on non-existent. The legal landscape, particularly with GDPR and ePrivacy, is intricate and constantly evolving. Maintaining compliance demands ongoing updates, legal expertise, and access to the latest tech – luxuries a truly free service can't afford.

Now, onto the subscription model. Here's why it's the key to keeping your cookie banner compliant and effective:

1. Constant Evolution: Remember those ever-changing privacy laws? Subscription models ensure your CMP adapts to them seamlessly. One time software doesn't provide constant updates. Its fine for something like Office 2010 which I still user but you wouldn't like an out of date cookie banner.

2. Advanced Technology: Building and maintaining a robust CMP requires significant resources. From cookie scanning and blocking to granular consent management and reporting, these tools are complex. Subscriptions ensure developers can continuously improve and innovate.

3. Unwavering Security: Data breaches are no joke. Reputable CMP providers invest heavily in top-notch security infrastructure to protect user data. This ongoing cost is reflected in the subscription model.

4. Product Support: Developers and support staff need need paying. A one off cost is great but long term, the product will fall behind without the ongoing revenue to pay staff.

5. Feature Abundance: Remember, cookie banners are just the tip of the iceberg. Subscriptions unlock a treasure trove of features like A/B testing, custom branding, and advanced analytics, helping you optimize your consent strategy and user experience.

Looking for a truly free option? Consider open-source CMPs. Remember, they require technical expertise to implement and maintain, and legal compliance remains your responsibility. This one came up on a Google Search

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But before settling for a seemingly “free” option, weigh the risks and long-term benefits. If you have a small site with limited traffic, then lots of the paid versions have free tiers. My choice is cookiebot but there are others.

Cookie ManagerFree Version LimitationsPaid VersionsLink
Termly10,000/mo. banner views€9.50 per month for 100,000/mo. banner views
Cookiebot€0 per domain, per monthup to 50 subpagesPremium Small €12 per domain, per monthup to 500 subpages
Cookie Yes100 pages per scan 25,000 pageviews/month Basic customization$10 /month /domain600 pages per scan 100,000 pageviews/month
Osano1 User 1 Domain 5,000 Monthly Visitors$199.99 /mo Cookie Consent for small teamsFeatures Overview:2 Users 3 Domains 30,000 Monthly Visitors UK and GDPR Representative Privacy and Legal Templates

If you are on WordPress, complianz is only €59 for one site for the with substantial discounts for multiple sites. I used to use the free version which had few limitations but it didn't manage consent mode.


If you are looking for a totally free consent management platform, then you are out of luck. The best you can get is a freemium which might be good enough for your needs. The consent mode v2 is only needed if you are using Google advertising, that may change in the future but for now, you may be able to get away with the free version of a CMP.

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