To blog or not to blog in 2021

Blogging is something many SEO practitioners recommend but don't do it themselves. There's a good reason for that, not much new happens in the SEO world and when it does, there are plenty of authority blogs that will cover it.

According to Google trends, blogging peaked just over a decade ago and has declined ever since. This has coincided with the rise of social media. Twitter could be thought of as a microblogging service and Facebook allows people to write posts that once upon a time might have been on a personal blog. Linkedin allows you to blog on there and reach your audience.

What's the point in blogging if no one reads it? Even SEOs with strong blogs will write a Twitter thread rather than a blog post as Twitter has a ready-made audience.

So am I going to blog? Yes, why? Well, I am a Brit living in Ireland. It's fairly niche in terms of a topic so I think I can be helpful rather than add to the noise on the internet. Trying to find stuff like what's the Irish equivalent of an ISA and what you can do instesad has been difficult (there isn't one BTW). I'll also blog a bit about SEO and Analytics but there are many more established bloggers in that niche so not as much.

It also helps with the analytics. There more traffic you get, the more there is to analyse, so I can learn from my own sites.

The blogging will be sporadic, probably after I learn something new about how to do something in Ireland which I knew how to do in the UK.

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