Darth Autocrat (Lyndon NA) Voice

I spend too much time on Twitter. Its just so addictive though and I do actually learn a lot from it. One of the people I follow and enjoy reading their tweets is called Darth Autocrat. He's an SEO who tweets a lot and more importantly tweets a lot of sense.


He recently did a Twitter spaces with SEM Rush and Alexandra Tachalova about link building. Its not something I would usually listen to as link building is a topic done to death. My tip is, if you can build links then fill your boots up and keep quiet. Any technique that works that you tell others about will get spammed to death. Google will neutralise the links or maybe in extreme cases deindex your site for it.

Here's a little snippet I recorded. He sounds nothing like I imagined but I suppose I didn't imagine any voice. It would be like hearing the real life Dilbert, I've never heard him speak but read a lot of his words. Any voice for Dilbert would sound strange.

You can listen to the whole spaces below and see the key takeaways.

To listen to it, you may have to click through on to twitter for it

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