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I recently was featured on “Digital E-A-T's”, a unique platform that celebrates the fantastic people in the digital industry. The site is the brainchild of Mike Ginley, a Sr. SEO Specialist at Humana in Chicago, IL, who has created this space to highlight individuals known for their contributions, promote those who are available for work, and introduce new faces looking to grow in the industry.

Mike has an impressive background in the digital industry. He currently serves as a Sr. SEO Professional at Humana, where he develops advanced SEO strategies, exhibits a mastery of technical SEO topics, identifies technical SEO problems, and provides recommendations and solutions. He also makes content recommendations that align with customers and desired customer experiences, assisting in reaching the search addressable audience across various search activities.

Before his role at Humana, Mike was an SEO/SEM Specialist at Americaneagle.com. There, he planned and executed the SEO/SEM process for multiple clients, tracked, analysed, and reported results using Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and SEO industry tools. He also worked with production teams, ensuring architecture is aligned with SEO/SEM goals, and completed site audits accounting for technical, on-page, and off-page factors.

Mike's work at Americaneagle.com led to impressive results, including increasing page 1 rankings from 239 to 2,145 in 10 months, a 43% increase YOY in organic revenue after site migration, and a 297% increase in video clicks in 2020 due to the utilization of a video XML sitemap.

“Digital E-A-T's” looks like a great side project which you can learn from. He has a looker dashboard which is hooked up to GA4 and Search Console. It’s interesting seeing what other seos value. I don’t care about anything apart from conversions by source/ medium!

I am guessing at some point there’s going to be some advanced vetting needed. Remember that half the seos in the world are below average.

I think I’d be putting a big disclaimer on the site saying that the information is for general purposes, please verify things yourself and accept no liability if you use the information and things go wrong.

Check out my profile here. My top tip for newcomers is to sign up for ChatGPT plus. Its the best $20 p/m you can spend on your career.

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